Welcome to the Real Food Campaign!

We are dedicated to eating fresh, natural, and wholesome food prepared from ingredients in as close to their original form as possible.  We are concerned by the things now being marketed as “food” but which contain all sorts of artificial flavors and colors and other food additives.  Our bodies are not meant to process these additives, and scientists are now finding links between unnatural, highly processed foods and various diseases.  The Real Food Campaign exists to help people become educated about the benefits of eating real food and to help real food become the norm again in our families and communities.

What is real food exactly?  Please click here.

We are beginning the Real Food Campaign with a 14-day Real Food Challenge, which will be held from May 15-28.  During these two weeks, we want you to challenge yourself to eat only the natural foods that your body is intended to eat.  If you are interested in joining us for the 14-day challenge, you can find more information here.

Thank you for visiting our brand-new blog, and we look forward to hearing your comments, questions, or suggestions below.

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